God Bless America

April 4, 2014
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Well God bless america, In God we trust Ya
The flag may not be shining, maybe that was bad designing
the place where no child's left behind, well the words on paper are meant for the blind
My country tis of thee, kill em all and let him be, no wonder we are the living free
for the stripes and star men have died to protect , while they were decked and broke there neck
For our country they protected, for the freedom of ourselves the government was suppose to have respected
Well no one cares about the people and death they collected, we have been through 10 major wars connected
another human? ah just a statistic or an object, were a part of the project, and whatever else is in there prospect
we are your pawns or ants, you piss on in the lawn, because your the supreme leader we look upon
you have given us rights, but rights are not rights, if they can be taken away, there privileges and that's all we ever had today

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