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March 31, 2014
By kenzieh25 GOLD, Roswell, Georgia
kenzieh25 GOLD, Roswell, Georgia
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"I realize there's something incredibly honest about trees in the winter, how they're experts at letting things go." - Jeffrey McDaniel

I am from light purple and I am from lime green.
I am from swirling silver lines wrapped 'round in circles.
I am from messy hair and thirsty hearts.
I am from earth-shaking laughter and sloppy wet tears.
I am from broken hearts and bruised homes.
I am from fighting and yelling and kicking and screaming.
I am from leaving.
I am from "maybe you shouldn't come back"
But I am from building things back up again.
I am from strength and I am from independence.
I am from a mother.
I am from "you don't need a man to move your furniture."
I am from caring for each other and I am from carrying each other.
I am from picking up the pieces and starting over again.
I am from full nights of crying because that's okay.
I am from memories of when family meant good.
I am from the hope that other things can mean good too.
I am from the fear of giving anyone the power to hurt you.
I am from the reassurance that to feel hurt is far greater than to feel nothing at all.
I am from words that sound right.
I am from music that feels good.
I am from people who mend and heal.
Because I crack and I break and I bruise and I bleed and I hurt.
But I am from a soul that is not quite finished yet.

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