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To the Core

March 30, 2014
By Karipop GOLD, Wilmington, North Carolina
Karipop GOLD, Wilmington, North Carolina
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I don't know when we stopped being friends
When this bond broke and our connection dropped
I dont know where the best of us went and when I'll get the best of me back again
I don't know why we havent talked, why I haven't called, why we've stopped
But I believe this is just the natural order, I never get a best friend that outlasts a year
I know I'll just be lonely and all I have to look up to Is this constant fear

Of being alone

I'm sad this hasn't lasted because I thought this was different
I'm standing on the edge contemplating where all my friends went
Then I think they could have jumped, they could have flew away to someplace greater
I think we'll there's no time to waste I got to get going, it's now or never
So I jump, I tumble, I duck and roll
Weaving through the clouds looking forward to someone to console
Then I see the ground and I hit it

I'm alone

No ones here. You're not here.
And I know I'll just be lonely and all I have to look up to is is constant fear
No ship is coming to carry me home, there is no horizon, nothing into the west
This time I give up I have given my best
put it out put it forward
I have proven myself brave, courageous, foolish, no longer a coward
I won't climb up again but a year later I see the ground and I hit it

Bye Kidd. It was fun.

The author's comments:
This was about my losing all of my friends and bonds all in one day. Yes, it's happened in real life to real people.

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