Snapped Strings Dented Bells

March 25, 2014
Bang hits the piñata
and swings wildly front to back.
Bang hits it one last time
before the side caves in and the wire atop snaps.

But instead of candy
spilling onto the ground,
glass shards covers from head to toe
and collapses on the ground.
Blood and glass mixing tears.

Looks around the ballroom
at broken instruments
Snapped strings and dented bells
metal pieces and wooden shards

Piano bench's leg gone
falls to the ground, inclined.
Piano no longer holds itself up
crashes down onto

The otherwise empty room glares
at me with silence
mocking my feeble motions
of escape,
But you

Beacon to me, a façade of happiness
Begging for me.
You ask me to follow
and turn towards a room
filled of laughter
un-broken music
and happiness.

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