The Voices Told Me To

March 24, 2014
By AlexandriaRose GOLD, Newark, Delaware
AlexandriaRose GOLD, Newark, Delaware
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The water dripping from the faucet
The sound amplified
Drip, drip, drip, drip...
A man covering his ears
Trying to stop the noise
“Stop,” He screamed, “Stop, stop, stop!”
Drip, drip, drip......

His hair in disarray
His eyes blood shot
And voices laughing at him
They say, “Kill for us you know you want to.”
He looks to see if anyone is there
Only him

He reluctantly agrees
He runs out of the bathroom
His shoes squeaking against the floor
Telling himself
“I got to do this. They’ll go away if I do this...”

A woman heels bang against the floor
Her golden blonde hair shinning like the sun
Her hazel eyes full of excitement
She’s a deer in headlights
A sheep in a company of wolves

They exchange hellos
She gets uneasy
She gets away quickly
Her heels loud against the floor

He stalks her
Into a dark alleyway
Her phone rings
Ring, Ring, Ring, Ring...
She answers with an annoyed hello

He takes out the knife
As she rambles to the person on the other line
“That’s so stupid! Tell me the story when I get home!”
He puts the knife against her throat

She’s speechless
Breathing heavily
He slits her throat

Red falls from her neck
The voices cheer and dance
They smile mischievously
Reason shackled to the floor
Logic hanging by a noose
The voices didn’t stop

The author's comments:
A look into a mind of a killer.

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