on compromise and puzzles

March 23, 2014
By danielleaturtle PLATINUM, Byron Center, Michigan
danielleaturtle PLATINUM, Byron Center, Michigan
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If you want to be happy, be.

I think it’s okay if we don’t fit together perfectly,
if we don’t match like two puzzle pieces.

Maybe one of us got left in the sun, maybe
someone spilled water on the other
and we got a little warped but
obviously we were meant to go together

and anyways, how many puzzles have you put together
where the pieces went together seamlessly?
how often has it assembled itself with no
forcing, no maneuvering, navigating

if you like the night and i like the day,
we’ll learn to meet at dawn or dusk, times
that are both and neither
and i will get a flashlight
and you will get sunglasses and
we will work it out

it’s okay if we don’t figure out right away
how our hands are best held and
if at first we bump hips too often when we walk
because i’ll learn, in time,
that you like to always walk on the right and you’ll learn
that sometimes i talk with my hands too much
for them to be held still

i will always switch sides with you on the sidewalk and
i will buy as many batteries as it takes
to make sure that my flashlight will always be ready
to get me through the dark to you and
if i tell a story that necessitates gestures when
you just want to be held
i will learn to be

who you need if you can learn to be
who i need, if you can learn to
wear sunscreen and remind me that
you like to walk on the right and
if you can learn to set your alarm for
dawn and dusk

my night vision will get a little better
each time and
i’ll learn to find your face
your knees
your heart
even if i can’t see

my soul will take up a spot next to yours
(a spot on the left, naturally)
and our sadness, happiness will go just together
no forcing, maneuvering,
better than puzzle pieces because we are not
a picture on the front of the box.

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