You Push Me Away

March 19, 2014
I am beautiful,
But no one else can see,
All they see is popularity,
They see imitation, before imagination,
They won’t give me a chance to show
The real me,
I know that I am,
I know that I am
Amazingly wonderful,
I am an intellectual,
And I know that I have a kind heart,
But how am I supposed to know what’s right,
When you just push me away,
You just push me away like nothing,
Your words hurt me,
More than anything,

You said hurtful words,
You looked at me like I wasn’t human,
But I tried to stay strong,
I searched and searched, but no matter what I said or did,
You still just push me away,
When you push me away,
I feel like I am no longer amazing,
No longer wonderful,
Just an intellectual,
But I still tried to stay me,

I was trapped, in a black hole,
I wanted to stay true to myself,
But you didn’t want the real me,
You want an imitation,
So you push away imagination,
You push me away from,
You push me away from everything,

You pushed real hard,
But I fought harder,
I stayed true to myself,
And I didn’t let you push me away,
I didn’t let you push me away from

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horsehugger30252 said...
Apr. 2, 2014 at 1:14 pm
I apologize for my mistake where it repeats "You push me away" I did not realize this until I had already submitted the article. 
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