Self harm

March 14, 2014
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Pain it is a thing we all get
it happens alot
no one can change it
everyone gets it
and we all live through it
there are many types of pain
theres pain when your heart is broken
there is pain when u fall
there is pain when your sick
there is pain when you feel like you did something wrong
there is pain everywhere no one can get rid of it
its always there
People think that they can cause it
and they can itself pain.
but, why
Why should we
Yes we have hard times
But is it that bad?
We all have people that love us
We all have people that will be there
We just have to notice them
and we have to be able to see what is ahead
We just have to lift up our heads
Say what you have to
Just don't harm your body
It’s you
Dont change you
So Turn to the blade and say i don't need you anymore
And to the people who hurt you, you say u cant hurt me anymore
Just say those things and be with the people you love and everything will be alright.

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