Father Sithis and The Night Mother

March 19, 2014
By AnarchyUnbound PLATINUM, Norwich, Connecticut
AnarchyUnbound PLATINUM, Norwich, Connecticut
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He will fly valiantly over the abyss of darkness
If not to give mercy, then to slay the non-believers.
Journeys across a blackened sky
Where Darkness dominates us triumphantly
The sky spreads its darkness over the canvas of the world
He may be the god of darkness,
Allfather of the Dark Brotherhood,
His voice echoes like a maelstrom.
He may be a god, but in his hands he would hold
The lives of every assassin of the Dark Brotherhood.
Father Sithis is the immortal, the ancient and the slayer.
Father Sithis creates chaos in this world,
Unleashing insanity and reviving the bloodiest killers.
But alas he is nothing more than a god,
For he is the allfather
Father Sithis.

She plunges into the cold heart of murderers
Where darkness infests their cold and darkened hearts.
She is the Night Mother,
The Mother of the Dark Brotherhood.
Death comes to men and women who dare enter her path.
She is dark, ancient and demented,
The messenger of death,
And the mother to Sithis’ children.

In the realm of Father Sithis and the Night Mother,
There is no joy or peace, only death and suffering await thee.
She will aid those grasping death’s hand by granting life as a Child of Sithis,
Sending their soul to eternal damnation and binding their soul to Sithis.
But alas she is nothing more than a mother,
A mother who darkens her children’s lives.
The Night Mother

Darkness floods man with their dark intents
Consuming their cold hearts and enslaving them
Always bound to damnation
Father Sithis
And The Night Mother.

The author's comments:
I was influenced to write this from the Elder Scrolls series; mostly the game Oblivion's Dark Brotherhood guild.

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