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When we first met

Your hair was long when we first met,
Not very long, but shoulder length and newly dyed.
It was beautiful, and one of my favorite parts of you,
Your hair smelling of conditioner, intoxicating me when I got too close.
Your hair was curly when we first met,
All over the place, and beautiful.
We both wore bandanas, and I felt like I found someone
That would stick by me no matter what.
We broke. You cut your hair,
And you look more like yourself, but
Less like the girl I knew.
We ended, or did we,
But you still cut your hair,
And you still look like the man I could be with forever.
My hair was short when we first met
But I’m growing out the memories, growing up,
Loving myself, and existing as me.
For now I’ll just be

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