A Still Small Voice

March 16, 2014
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I am but a sleeping voice,
That wakes you up and nags,
I asked you to make a choice,
And raised up the go flag.

I am but an awakening voice,
A voice that yawns,
Then i felt that I'm about to rejoice,
Like a hundred drunk fawns.

I am but a croaking voice,
With harsh sound coming from me,
Oh! How could I bring all those joy,
If I choose to be away from thee?

I am but a quiet voice,
Your ears strains to hear,
Amidst the racket of the boys,
I am competing to be clear.

I am but an old friend,
Fallen asleep for so long,
My duties I have to tend,
A still small voice once, now I am strong!

Yes I am just a voice,
Only you could hear,
I am the voice of your heart and soul,
To set you free from fear.

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