My Life

March 17, 2014
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My life is full of moments
Big disasters and little grief
I grew up in a home of filth
With a mother as a thief

She stole my childhood and friends
My freedom and my pride
So when i heard of school
I was my ticket to a different ride

I gave it my best in all I had
Becoming a straight A kid
I practiced all my speeches
But my ideas I always hid.
When i was in first grade
I learned 2+2
I learned how to spell orange
I learned how to tie my shoe

When i was in 2nd grade
I learned all the plays
I learned the months of the year
I learned all the days

When I was in 3rd grade
I learned about context clues
I learned how to multiply numbers
I learned to play the blues

When I was in 4th grade
I learned about science and plants
I learned about photosynthesis
I learned how to dance

When I was in 5th grade
I learned to always speak up
I learned about division
I learned to rinse out a cup

When i was in 6th grade
I learned that girls are mean
I learned about coins and money
I learned to scrub and clean

When I was in 7th grade
I understood to never be late
I learned about the country
I learned to pick a gate

When i was in 8th grade
I learned about Salem Witch Trials
I learned how to cook dinner
I learned to bleach with tials

When I was in 9th grade
I learned that the world is big
I learned that I was alone
To my mom I was just a pig

When I was in 10th grade
I learned about shakespear plays
I learned “To be or Not to be”
I learned that I was in a maze

When I was in 11th grade
I learned about different schools
I learned that college is for everyone
I learned that there were more rules

When I was in 12th grade
I learned that people don’t care
I graduated on that stage
But my mother was not there

I understood that she was addicted
To things that were very bad
I knew that she wasn’t loving
She could never be happy or sad

So I applied to college
To become a middle school teacher
But with the help of my mother I felt
Like I was a circus creature

College was so hard
People judged me everywhere
I knew I couldn’t stay
So I left and went somewhere

I got a ticket to Africa
Just so I could find me
I wanted to experience the world
I wanted to finally see

When I got off that plane
I was engulfed in a world anew
I saw more people struggling
For everything they had was few

I went to an organization
One called “Operation Christmas Child”
They told me my help was wanted
That my life was worth while

I gave shoe boxes to kids
Kids who had nothing at all
They were short, and fat, and skinny
Happy, sad and Tall

But one little girl stood out
She was wearing paper bags on her feet
She stood in the back corner
She blended in like a bed sheet

I walked over to her and kneeled down
She looked at me with fear
I smiled and touched her hand
To let her know that I was near

“What is going on?” She asked
I smiled and kissed her hand
“We are giving out presents” I said
She smile like it was gold land

I picked up a box
One covered in pretty paper
She started to cry big tears
But they disappeared like water vapor

She ripped through the cover
And gasped and then i knew
That this was more than a present
when she yelled “I got new shoes!”

She started to cry even harder
I hugged her and told her it’s okay
She said “I never got a gift.” I whispered
“It’s your lucky day.”

She smiled and stretched out her hand
“My name is Skye Rose”
I smiled and shook her hand
I said “My name is Gracie Foes.”

“I have to show you my family.” She said
She giggled and led me away
“i can’t leave the school.” I said.
“I’m only here for a day.”

She looked sad all over again as she
clung to my left leg
“But you are my angel.” She said.
She clung and continued to beg.

“let’s make the most of it Skye.”
She smiled and led me to the park
“We could go swimming!” She exclaimed
“And play minos and shark!”

I realized everything I learned
Just made me look like a fool
To find out who I was
I didn’t need to go to school

That day I left Africa
I went back to see my mother
She smiled when she saw me and said
“I missed you and your brothers.”

She explained to me her pain
She asked to me try to understand
That breaking apart our family
Was never part of the plan

I told her that I was sorry
But she said it was her fault too
I hugged her tight and whispered.
“I will always forgive you”

I guess that was my second chance
To try to mend my broken heart
I knew that road was long
But in order to finish, i had to start

It’s been 20 long years
Since my journey to find myself
I realized that I am important
That I am not an object on a shelf

I decided to go back to Africa
to be apart of something big
On my way I ate tons of fruits
Mangos, bananas, and figs

I walked to the organization
“Operation Christmas Child”
The place where I found me
Where my life was nothing but mild

People recognized me and smiled
But then I just froze
A beautiful woman approached me and said
“Hi. My name is Skye Rose”

I didn’t know what to do
It had been so very long
I felt like I was mistaken
Like I was the one who was wrong.

“You do remember me?” She asked
I smiled and shook my head
“Of course how could I forget?”
For tears I could not shed

“You really changed my life.
That you had to know
Because you were my piece of heaven
My perfect white winter snow.”

I smiled at her and laughed.
“You changed me as well”
Because without knowing her
I would be in constant hell.

“I want to show you my family” She said
I followed her without doubt
She showed me a 2 beautiful girls
Who were her rain in a drought.

“This here is Autumn she’s 9
And this is Gracie she’s 3”
I felt the tears coming.
“You named her after me.”

Skye was beaming from ear to ear
as she lead me to her house.
She went to the cupboard
I thought she might find a mouse

She pulled out the pair of shoes
I had given her in the sun
We cried there together when she said
“this is where my journey begun.”

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BrookeCherith said...
Apr. 21, 2014 at 10:18 pm
Thank you! @Beaniebaby123
Beaniebaby123 said...
Mar. 20, 2014 at 7:44 pm
your poem was beautiful and it made me cry
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