March 10, 2014
I didn't want to stop hugging him
it was just a hello
But it felt so perfect
I couldn't pull away
So he did
He told me a story
I couldn't stop smiling
I felt so happy
I turned my head to smile at him
He didn't see
I couldn't stop staring at his eyes
they reminded me of sea foam
blues and greens
I couldn't help myself
my staring passed unnoticeably
We walked together for a while
our hands kept brushing accidentally
I wanted to touch him so desperately
He didn't know
The heat from the fire
was so comforting
It made me feel warm and safe
But I would have been fine without it
He made me feel safe too
I wished he knew that

He didn't talk
I was okay with that
All I wanted
Was to be by his side
He had no idea
He stared at me
directly in the eyes
he asked to kiss me
my body went numb
I said yes
I had been waiting all night
He didn't know
Our lips separated
we stared at each other
he smiled
his eyes gleamed
my heart was racing
I had fallen for him
He didn't know

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