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Uphill Utopia

March 8, 2014
By MaiaKoryn GOLD, Playa Del Carmen, Other
MaiaKoryn GOLD, Playa Del Carmen, Other
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Favorite Quote:
Feet, what do I need you for when I have wings to fly? -Frida Kahlo

Under a lidless sky
I climb.
Achingly alone, I cannot be rid of the
Entitlement people have to peer in on me in a most private realization
And startled, by the constant influx of rowdy voices and sloppy bodies
On my strenuous mountain journey
I jolt up.

Limbs pumping vulnerably
As the hope rises between my rib cage and suffocates all but the proximity of a pinnacle steeple
The drips and crumbs of the music that touches Heaven trickles over the rough skin of the mountain
Allowing the servant I am tastes of victory

The stones under my ragged feet
Tumble downward in an avalanche of
My missteps and nonchalant confidence
Over a terrain that was, otherwise, declared invulnerable

I grapple with the tuff of the
Alp I scale, inwardly
My resolve clenches between teeth-
An utterance of profane syllables
And a slow evolution of erosion

The peyote grit penetrates skin
And I watch forebodingly as it
Returns to Adam's toil, condemned
To wallow aimlessly, smothered under the
Belly of the snake, who smirks
And flaunts his desolate blessings
Like the Crown Jewels of some gregarious king.

The author's comments:
It only takes five minutes to write the truth. Maybe this poem is raw, but it is true, and that is what the world seeks in life, no? Este vida es la vida.

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