In This World

March 7, 2014
In this world with pressure being the very thing keeping your head under the water as you drown,
so desperate to keep your head above the water that you forget just how much you loved to swim
With an irrefutable struggle for motivation when you're told that everything you do is an empty attempt at filling that void deep inside of you
Where peace is as daft and shallow as the people who plunge the dagger deep into your innocence and tolerance
Where warm, salty disappointment falls down the cheeks that you could have sworn were aiding in producing a smile just a moment ago, but remember it as though it were a dream,
not mentioning it with the fear that you're mistaken
In this world, to feel joy, accomplishment, pride, would be an excitable rite of passage that you yourself
are not too familiar with
But then again, cynicism is one trend
that you are too shut down to let pass you by,
just like everybody else in this world.

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