March 7, 2014
Each night, I wonder if you care.
I lie awake at night.
Thinking of you, if maybe you’re thinking of me
If maybe you feel pity for me
Or maybe for yourself
Because you have to walk this earth
With a nail in your heart
With a grudge on your back
And no brain to fill your head
How could you possibly get rid of
Your daughter
Of someone who actually cared
About you
And the stupid decisions you make
Someone who actually stood beside you
When everything else was falling apart
How could you let her go?
When you told her you wouldn’t leave
Just like you did before
But this time
She won’t let you in
She won’t keep you out
Because maybe she’s tired
Of trying to be the perfect child
And opening herself up
To someone who is just going to leave
Just like you did before

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