Literary Romance

February 28, 2014
I want Romeo
Desperately lost in my beauty
Head over heels
Willing to die
I want Lysander
To elope with me
And return to me in the end
I want to walk through fire and water
With Tamino
I want Papageno to spend his whole life
Searching for me
I want Sir Lancelot
To fight for me
I want Gatsby
To buy me the moon
I want Charming to carry me away
And make me the Queen

I don't want boys
With "swag"
I don't want
Puppies with stud collars and
Soft knees
I do not want
Boys made of
Construction paper
Boys who think
Every day is Halloween
And they can pretend
To be someone they're not

I want to be
The Eyre to your Rochester
The Irene to your Sherlock
The Elizabeth to your Darcy

I want to be the heroine
To your hero

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