The Same Cloth

March 4, 2014
By ShelbyE SILVER, San Antonio, Texas
ShelbyE SILVER, San Antonio, Texas
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The Same cloth
When your guiding light is long gone from your horizons
And the dark clouds follow you around
We find that we break again and again
Because we all have so many pieces that we need to mend back together
You just need to look inside yourself
And search for what you know to be true
Pick yourself up once more
And weave the threads back together
When threatened with coming undone
Always know that
We are cut from the same cloth
So when the world is on the verge of crashing
Down upon you
Know that I am always here
Everyone is here
To help mend you back into the sparkling garment you used to be
Don’t second guess your thoughts now
You were right from the start
We are all the same pieces of
Cloth we have always been, only our own separate creations
But none of us is ever alone

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