Beauty and Power

March 4, 2014
We want people who hold power
Woven tightly in their veins
Flickering with the flash of their teeth
We want leaders
And we want whitened teeth

We want an army of commanders
Little girls must no longer be "bossy"
They are "whiskey in a teacup"
They are confident and loud and strong
And we'll teach them how to do their makeup

We are finished with the quiet kids
But we're beautiful and loving
So we'll hand them microphones and push them on a stage
We'll tell them just to "open up"
We'll show them how to pose

We refuse to be contained
In molds or prototypes
We've made personality and art
And we know what is lovely
Give us Andy Warhol

The world is there for spectacles and thieves
But let's call them rebels
Let's write a revolution into what we need
We will diagnose the introverts
And shoot up as much power as we can
Beauty is what captures eyes

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