It's A Funny Story Actually

March 3, 2014
Ignorance is a choice:
You can't choose to be simple-minded,
But you can choose whether or not
You educate yourself.

If words scare you,
If you feel threatened by the existence of a mere sentence;
If the stringing together of letters, makes you cower in the corner?

I can't help you.
You have to learn how to help yourself.

And you can blame me all you want,
Say, "There is no I in team",
Just like the word 'traitor' isn't hidden
In the sentence 'She's my best friend.'

But I probably won't hear you

Because you closed that door
When you decided
That it would be funny
To cry wolf;
To shout suicide, depression, anxiety:
To blatantly act like
You knew what you were talking about

And I'm tired of putting up with you:

So don't you dare
Come crawling back to me
With your self-induced ignorance
And your malicious, bone-crushing lies
When you're the one
Who threw herself into the abyss.

And laughed all the millions of miles down.
Because you thought,
That maybe I would still try to catch you.

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