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Get Me Out of Here

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Get me out of here
Escape is all I can think of
It is right in front of my face
Yet so far out of reach
The walls are built too high
The gates no longer open
I am trapped in this prison
With nowhere left to hide

Get me out of here
Before the monsters find me
And devour my body and soul
They live off of my fear
So I know nothing else
They will not let me rest
They will not leave me be
Because I am in their domain
Because I put them in these walls
And now they have found me

Get me out of here
This death trap of my mind
It attacks me night and day
Fears and doubts clawing at my sanity
They drag me into the murky depths
Of the turbulent sea that is my mind
I am drowning ever so slowly
Watching the light reflect above
As I sink into the darkness below

Get me out of here
This prison of my own making
It brings me down to my knees
It steals the air from my lungs
It snuffs the flame of my life
Help me break these walls
So I can live again
As I once did

Get me out of here
Back to the happier times
Where everything was fine
Before the troubles rose from the ground
Like zombies they rise from death
And I cannot beat them down
So help me in my time of need
Take me out of this hell
Teach me what it is like
To live again

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