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Love Gives Life

February 26, 2014
By EddyE SILVER, Eightmile, Alabama
EddyE SILVER, Eightmile, Alabama
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To live for that one dream
Working hard, till you are scarred
Planting the seed to your destiny
A clear picture of the future only shadows success
There are ups and downs so we rise to the solution with the best
See blue skies but rain drops that tether love like a spy
Look on and stay strong to console that hopeless cry
Are we really living because we are here on earth?
Are we really breathing when all we are seeking sends our heart to the dirt?
What is life without love?
A place were a soul is hurting and hidden from living its worth
Yes we seek
We believe
We dream
Of all things and above
But life is all nothing without the consumption of love.
Love brings grief but also give you the air beneath your wings
Happiness to share and care like a queen or king
Love takes strife’s
To give us life

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on Mar. 6 2014 at 1:49 pm
ToyaArniece SILVER, Mobile, Alabama
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Great I just love this ;)