February 28, 2014
By saralyntaylor SILVER, Wilmington, Delaware
saralyntaylor SILVER, Wilmington, Delaware
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You look up to them, do what they do
Their beliefs become yours too.
You often hear that gay is wrong
But listening to that Frank Ocean song
You sit and think
You wonder why
His record sales are sky high.
If he were straight, would they be higher?
Would there be less flames to fuel the fire?
Where is the equality?
Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have stated publicly
That until marriage is legal for all lovers
They will patiently wait to be wed with all others.
Kate Winslet was proud of her seven year old son
He told her gay and straight should be treated as one
Harry Potter fans should know
Daniel Radcliffe is in on the status quo
He helps save lives with The Trevor Project
Along with Tyler Oakley, a Youtube star
Whose birthday wishes have raised a quarter of a million so far.
Miley says shes nauseated by the thought
Of not being capable of marrying who you love.
Tattooed on her finger is an equals sign
Showing her support for those in need of.
Pink had a controversial music video setting
She stood her ground at a gay wedding.
Rumors state that George Clooney is gay
When interviewed, he continued to say
"I'm not going to jump up and down saying 'These are lies!'
He sees how that would be offensive to those living gay lives.
The Hunger Games movies are becoming a craze
And Josh Hutcherson openly supports gays.
He even started a campaign of his own
He says the campaign hits close to home.
Everyone has heard Mackelmore's song
When Mary Lambert comes in, we all sing along.
"I can't change, even if i tried"
If you listen to the lyrics, you'll understand why.
Mary J. Blije feels the same way
She admits that most of her fans are gay
Since they support her, she supports them and she likes to make that clear.
Celebrities are idols, we look up to them.
"They do that, why can't I?"
"They wear that, why can't I?"

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