All about Perception

February 22, 2014
I know a girl who was dizzy from starlight;
she said it burned so brightly it made her eyes start to swim and
everything in front of her start to spin.
I told her that I never saw something so bright
and she said that's because
I wasn't looking at it the right way,
that maybe if I tilted my head the right way
I would see it.
Yet I didn't want to tilt my head that way,
didn't want to strain my neck muscles.
so I told her that I wouldn't
and she walked away.
Now I'm starting to wonder, though.
I'm starting to wonder if
I can look at galaxies through the lens of a telescope
and if I put a flashlight to the sky,
can I finally see the stars
for real?
Maybe if I tilt my head a certain way
like she said,
I might be able to
because it's all about the way
I perceive things.

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