February 21, 2014
By k8husted PLATINUM, Central Point, Oregon
k8husted PLATINUM, Central Point, Oregon
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Bliss Cavendar:(Whip it 2009) The last time I wore skates, they had
Barbies on them.

All she did was sin it seemed so,
So Zeus sent her to hold up the heaviest mountain and told her she could never let it go,
Her hands stapled to the mountain and her feet to the ground,
Her body a tree, her lips fully bound,
Before this it all started with one kiss and soon all the boys knew her name,
They all came running and when they said they loved her she did not refrain,
Yet one boy kissed her hand and not her lips,
Made her laugh and made her wish,
And as the sky painted black,
He was the first one she told she loved,
And he smiled but never said it back,
And she still sinned and broke his heart,
The greatest sin of lover’s part,
So day by day she holds up the earth,
Her bones ache and her heart hurts,
She thinks through the night and sings by the day,
Until the day the boy finally came,
The one that kissed her hand and made her laugh,
Wrapped his arms around her and said he loved her back,
And as the mountain crumbled down on the two,
He held her tighter and repeated "I love you,"
He didn't care of the sins,
Or that she could never speak again,
The girl who held up the mountain
And the boy who kissed her hand.

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