What Was Is Not What Is

February 25, 2014
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We see each other from opposite ends of the hallway
Seconds pass and we move closer
Too close for comfort, though.
I used to not be able to be close enough to you
Now, the closer I get, the more it hurts.
Sure, I like seeing you
Because that means you see me, too.
But as we pass we say nothing,
Sometimes a head nod
But just a head nod?
After everything, all we do is nod?
That’s pain.
That’s what hurt is.
I loved you. Hell, I still do.
I want everything with you,
So give it all to me, or give me nothing.
Forget the head nod.
Just walk by like you don’t know me.
It hurts less.
It’s like there was never anything
Instead of constantly being briefly reminded of what was.

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