Violence is Self Destruction

February 24, 2014
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When everyone is asleep
She still lays awake
Trying to figure out how to hide her scars
He sits in the corner of math class
Constantly snapping his wrist to feel pain
They stay silent, no one notices
But all they need is to run to open arms to stop the violence

Violence is not just shoving someone against a locker
Violence is not just open fire
It’s also what many of us have to face today
A constant battle with ourselves
Some deal with pain by causing more pain to themselves
Trying their best to remove the words around them

Violence is not just punching and bruises
Violence is not just deep wounds and flames
Violence is constant, vicious name calling and heartbreak
That causes these scars and self-destruction
It is the cage that limits our breathing

We always think that no one understand,
But we can’t think like this anymore
I hope, I dream that one day, some day
We will heal
It will take time, sure
But we need patience to heal
Life does not have to end today
The scars may be permanent, but the words don’t have to be
So put the razor down
Wipe your tears away
And keep your head up
One day violence will vanish
One day we will walk in happiness
One day fear will disappear

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