Watching the Dawn

February 19, 2014
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How do you see?
You see the darkness,
Has taken over me,
These things that are heartless,
They have me trapped,
Here under the sea,
Maybe I can slip away for a bit in a sleepless nap,
As I dream no one can hear my plea,
Once I wake with no rest,
I see one more far in the distance,
They fell for my test,
All I needed was some assistance,
Soon we will both be free,
From this place here under the sea,
We will leave them with our debris,
She screams like a banshee,
If she would calm,
She wouldn't know, she’s fresh,
I sang her a psalm,
She’s stopped her thresh
Now we wait for the creature to sleep,
And we make our daring escape,
She starts to weep,
She starts to take shape,
She’s not a human but a monster,
And she is going to attack,
She was an imposter,
I begin to come back,
Now she has solved my problem,
I am gone,
I was in an asylum,
The only thing I remember was watching the dawn.

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