February 17, 2014
I am a ghost
A memory
A thought
You will never find me
For I live in the past
Seeing all
Warping the truth
Twisting reality
Diminishing the hope
I am but a whisper in your ear
Haunting you
An echoing voice
Or a creeping mist
Never have I been impolite
A tortured lie
A delightful secret
The sinful taste of envy and hate
A soul would die from my icy touch
I am a temptation
A lure
You will look for me yes
Because you are so foolishly curious
I am the dark light in an ever so lonely world
An escape
I have murdered and slain
But the blood has turned to water
And you must drink it
The water is sweet
And lovely
It refreshes you into an eternity
Of emptiness
And pain
But you shall not know this
Until there is no way back
The path is blocked
The walls close in
The world spins faster
Your spirit is slowly drawn out
And is left with hate
And cold
And utter death
But a willful servant you will be
And you will never escape
My slave you are now
And you will obey my commands.

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ansem_unlimited said...
Nov. 6, 2014 at 9:25 am
nice, very spooooooooooooooky :P
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