The Importance of Mothers

February 17, 2014
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In the Bible, God created the heavens and the Earth
God created the land and the sea
God created the sun and the moon
He gave life to every animal
Water to every plant
And homes to every human
But what God forgot to make
A mother steps in to do
For God forgot to make dinner everyday
He forgot to do laundry every week
He forgot to provide comfort to a child
He forgot to make the ultimate friend
But what God forgot to do
A mother remembers to do
For a mother remembers every homework assignment and grade
A mother remembers every soccer game
A mother remembers every second of every minute of every hour of her child’s life
And that’s why there is such a thing
For a mom is not an extra burden
A mom is not an unwanted person
No, a mom is everything that you yearn for
A mom is everything you want
A mom is everything you could every dream of having
So that’s why I thank you mom
For simply being you
For being the music to my ears
For being the one constant in my life
For being my companion in gold and dark
For being my beacon in night and day

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