Ocean Sky Nights

February 19, 2014
By sapphire_sora GOLD, Evanston, IL, Illinois
sapphire_sora GOLD, Evanston, IL, Illinois
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The sky always looks so dark
when the window's closed.
I can't really describe
what it's like to walk across purple night skies--

I could never capture
the smooth glass surface of the sky beneath your feet
like reflections in barely quivering puddles, or maybe
the sea if it held its breath.

I can't explain in words
how the clouds swell up to capture the pale violet light
of the long-asleep sun, gusting silently as northern lights
or galaxies passing by;

and never could I possibly tell you
how it feels to look up at the stars
shining their warm, elusive light from incredibly far away,
feeling both so small and so large,
leaning backwards out your window and wondering if maybe
someone up there is looking back at you.

No, I could never describe it.
You'll have to try it yourself;
the sky always looks so dark
when the window's closed.

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