February 4, 2014
When we are young we are taught

Taught right from wrong

There is no middle ground

But how come something I was taught was wrong

Taught was so wrong seems so right

They laugh when I say I want a family

When I see myself married with kids

The church can’t accept me

They tell me its not really love

We are taught only a man can love a woman

And only a woman can love a man

Then how come it feels more right for me to be with a woman?

But still in my head

In my head I feel I’m doing something bad

Its strains some of my friendships

And I can’t even tell most of my family

But I know it can’t be wrong

Because as much as we search

As much as we look

Not one place in that book

Does it say a man can’t be with a man

Or a woman can’t not be with a woman

It says a man should not be with a boy

And of course a man should not be with a boy

But it does not say a man shouldn’t be with a man

Or a woman with a woman

So then why does the church hate?

Why is it embedded into our heads as wrong?

When that book also says getting drunk is bad

It says lying and cheating and stealing are bad

And yes those are looked at as not great things

But they are not looked at as bad as being a gay

When was the last time you heard someone

Heard someone say “that’s so gay”

Or heard someone call someone a fag?

I’m sure it was either yesterday

If not today

I was taught life was black and white

But its not even close

Its black and blue and green and yellow and white

And every color in-between

So next time you want to judge

Think of what I’m saying

But maybe I’m wrong

Maybe the fact that I want to date a women

Maybe that means I’m a bad person

People tell me it’s a life choice

But why would I choose this

Why would I choose to be hated by where I come from?

I wouldn’t if it was a choice

I can’t change who I am

I was born in the church

I was raised in the church

Everything in my head says don’t date a woman

It was wired into me to think it was wrong

But this can’t be wrong

My background growing up may say its wrong

But my heart tells me its not

My heart tells me its okay to want to be with a woman

No matter what the church says

No matter what society says

No matter how many friends I lose

Or how many family members don’t talk to me anymore

I can’t change

This is not a choice

I stand proud when I say I am gay

I stand proud when I say I will love a Woman

Because to me the world isn’t black and white

I have rewired my brain

I no longer live with the same values I was taught

I have fixed the values that I didn’t believe were right

And I’ve kept that ones I still find truthful

But I’m proud to say I date women

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Lily_something23 said...
Feb. 19, 2014 at 2:37 pm
This is amazing.
Night_Star said...
Feb. 19, 2014 at 9:56 am
Wow ! It spoke to me #Equailty
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