February 11, 2014
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Death is poison, a venomous snake coiled tightly around itself, a loop of infinity
Or perhaps a raven, cloaked in blue-black feathers, its call an omen of certain doom?
Death is a hooded figure carrying the night
On its shoulders
And death is an action that has been personified by everyone who doesn't want to face it

Why should life be synonymous with light?
After all, what happens after death is only
Only just a guess
We'd all like to be right, to know what lies beyond the only thing we can know

So why a fear of it? Why all the myths and elixirs of life?
Even modern teens have fallen astray
With fantasies of marrying a vampire and living eternally

Not that I can blame them, because who doesn't fear change, change of the biggest kind?
Who wants to finish what they've only just started?
Who wants to plunge into a deep sleep when you could be awake and learning?

This is humans' punishment
For wanting so damn much out of the world

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