"Life Is Like A Roller Coaster"

February 9, 2014
They say "Life is like a roller coaster."
But I'm not so sure that's true.
A roller coaster drives itself,
But the driver of life is who?

Is everything that happens in life
Controlled by luck and fate?
Or is nothing chance and circumstance?
Is it all just human mistake?

Who chooses the path for your tomorrow?
Could it be a higher power?
Are there forces of light and dark at work
That map out every hour?

Maybe you control what happens to you.
Maybe you decide the course.
Or maybe God controls your very life
With a powerful, loving force.

So, "Life is like a roller coaster."
Maybe you believe that too.
I'd probably beg to differ though,
Because I'm not so sure that's true.

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