February 8, 2014
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You are
from head
to toe.

From your uneven hairline
to your chipped toenail polish.
The hairs that won’t stay in place,
They are imperfect.

The makeup under your eyes,
your dry, cracked palms,
your apple white arms,
they are imperfect.

And your sleepy eyes,
your pale lips,
your protuberant collarbones,
they are imperfect.

Your crooked smile,
your bitten finger nails,
your knobby knees,
they are imperfect.

And your tiny wrists,
your bruised legs,
your rough skin,
they are imperfect.

Your freckled cheeks,
your blemished forehead,
the scar above your lip,
they are imperfect.

Your tear stained face,
your lonely voice,
your sad expression,
they are imperfect.

You may be imperfect,
yet you are flawless
in every way.

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