Glanced your way

February 8, 2014
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I glanced your way, I gazed at your smile and your eyes. I looked your way, I felt so giddy. The first time brought upon confusion, unknowingly it progressed into a free fall of emotions.

Illuminating my world, I saw the window to your soul, shimmering and shining a light through the dark abyss.

Holding you within my reach, pulsating beats an intertwined connection. Eager and biting her lip, we spelled our fate.

Alas, I slowly watch my life line seep into the soil, watering for new life. Blood is a beautiful thing, it provides life and id breathtaking to gaze upon falling from the heart.

Dolefully one can indulge in mediocre lapses. I stand here now, pondering of my Luna. My watchful quarter moon. A giant rock among the stars, Diana bestowing her bow, shot an arrow through the night, showing beauty in the sun.

Despise that I am made a mockery of an empty heart that falls heavily. As I try to lay it across my shoulder and walk on, his horns emerge in my mind. "You've failed you fool," he said wolfishly.

Now as I kneel above where she lies, I shed no tear. I shed nothing of the sort. Though the only item I place before me are my mistakes.

Satan delivered his taunt. The Angels counteract the greed of the fallen Angel. Michael severs all evil, but what is left is borderline multi-personality.

I kneel humbly to Seraphim, and gaze upon the moment of joy and grasp the hesitation of lie.

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