Not broken

February 5, 2014
Day after day i come even closer to giving up

It seems like nothing can go right

specially in the night

I try to turn to a friend

but it seems they all left in freight

I’m holding on with all my might

But when do things just get so dark

that you can’t help but just let go

I’ve tried keeping this quiet

But at some point you need to reach out

It seems like i'm all alone right here

with nothing but a beer

to drown away my sorrows

Shedding just a tear

and as i look in the mirror

I can’t help but wonder how I still stand

how i haven’t given in

but I stand strong

Knowing nothing will get me that down

not again will i be bound

For I know know i’m strong

I took me leaving town

not making much of a sound

but I will never do that again

For i’ve overcome

i’ve finally started breaking free

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Tino656565565 said...
Feb. 13, 2014 at 9:24 am
I liked it
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