A Friend.

February 4, 2014
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I feel a stabbing pain in my head,
Constantly and abusively.
I feel my heart closing up,
It feels like its melting into a sudden guilt.
No, it’s not guilt… its oblivion.
I’m lost, I’m confused but maybe…
I’m just hurt.

I can see you clearly now,
Hear you and feel it.
I didn’t want to,
Because I don’t want to lose you.
It’s not oblivion, but I want it to be.
I want to be hopeful, to be forgiving…
I want the love I have for you to overcome the hurt you made me feel.

Cursing myself for every thought of you,
Constantly and abusively.
A thought where I walk away from you,
Because I don’t want to.
You’re a friend,
I love the good and bad side of you.
I just never thought that you will make me feel your bad side.

I am not perfect.
I’m not even close to perfect.
But what I do for you is something I have to.
I don’t want you to be in comparison with me.
I want you to be who you deserve to be.

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