Mirrored Likeness

February 1, 2014
I’m tired of staring into this mirror!
I just wanna break the glass!
I’m tired of looking into my own blue eyes…
But then I realize.
Oh, it’s you.
My beloved family.

We all have similar faces,
The same eyes,
Alike aesthetically and in personality

Oh what am I to do, my lovelies?
I cannot simply leave you all!
But I wish I was anywhere but here.
Most days at least…

I love you all!
Look me in the eyes when I tell you so!
And know my words to be true!
But soon, sooner than we all think…
I must be going.
Going to find my own way in this big wide world.
Pray for me.
You are all my first loves.

You’ve all had your time to explore.
I won’t bother to list all your individual travels.
And you’ve all landed back here.
You’ve all raised me here.
That’s fine by me,
But I need my own time to explore.
Farewell, my family.

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