Masterpiece #2

January 31, 2014
Though I may appear to be completely sane,
Underneath I am the most insane of all.
The silver watch that rests on its side
Right next to the paper I scrawl words onto
Ticks audibly, a comforting sound.
One that can be depended on to continuously
Move without ceasing, at least until the batteries die.
Because the concept of perpetual energy is laughable,
And those who strive for it reach for an impossible dream.
That's all it is: a concept, a dream, something never
To be attained and to always lay in the minds and on
Paper, like so many other out there.
There isn't one category of item this pertains to.
Take a look around. These kinds of dreams lay
Everywhere. The only reason they exist is for
People to have some purpose, or feel like they have
A purpose, however false it may be.
And that's just how humans are.
We can't deal with the reality of life and so
We thrust responsibility onto something greater
Than ourselves, or throw our lives away pursuing
That which shall never lay in human hands.
We may be the most advanced species on the planet,
But we may as well be the most primitive for how we
Take responsibility in life. We can't pursue more down-to-earth,
Attainable goals, and we certainly can't just accept
Life as it is. We have to hope that some greater
Being will alleviate our lives.

At this point I must excuse myself,
For I had to take a few minutes and listen,
Listen to the quiet ticking of the silver watch to calm
My roiling mind. I may come to love this sound
Almost as much as I love her.
It might just save me.

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