A Box In Front of Me

January 28, 2014
I still remember the very day
The day he said he loved me.
With tears rimmed around his eyes,
He bent to one knee.
And held,
A box in front of me.

As protective as he is of me, others protect him too;
a strict formation around his smiles and handshakes.
I linger back in admiration of the man my husband is.
My gratitude towards these people is more than what they see,
They surround him,
A box in front of me.

Today is unlike other days,
I’ve never done this before.
Red stains of tears run down my cheeks
Another hardship to be borne.

In honorable fashion with strong hearted men
Tears drip from their faces too.
I follow the tunes of a solemn key
The man I love sleeps forever,
A box in front of me.

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