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January 14, 2014
By blvckcleopatra SILVER, San Jose, California
blvckcleopatra SILVER, San Jose, California
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how to be okay

there are going to be nights where you
are so alone you think you’re insane
so take a hot shower until your skin
feels raw and drink cold coffee with
your windows stripped open at 2 AM

there are going to be people who
say things that infect your lungs
and poison your veins with lies
so pick fresh strawberries at noon
and listen to the most beautiful
song you could possibly find

there will be moments that suffocate
you in a frozen fire and touch the
most innocent parts of your body
so talk to the lonely old man who
buys cigarettes from the gas station
and listen to him talk about the
love of his life he lost years ago

there will be days when you’ve lost
count of how many times you’ve wanted
to jump out of your office building
so go for a jog until you can’t breathe
and then ask a stranger for water

because you must remember
that there will be nights where you
are the infinite blue sky kissing the stars
and there will be people who will
continue to haunt you with a single smile
and there will be moments that linger
between your ribcage and heart
and there will be days where you
can only taste the sunshine and
warm beer on your red lips
and cheeks flushed into dark shades of

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