I can tell you what the colo blue looks like, without saying the word once.

January 14, 2014
It is the skip of a shiver that makes even the smallest of hairs jump along the spine of your back. It is a flood of tears pouring from even the deepest parts of your battered soul. It is the color of your heart after losing the one you love most, morphing into nothing but a cold, shapeless stone. It is the color of your swollen eyes and chapped lips from loss of life – or rather, loss of a love never held. It is the very color that encompasses depression, and taints each and every curvature of the word itself. The very color that paints the sky at the latest hours – reflecting the mere souls of the lonely staring at the deep sky, forever lost in thought. It is the very the color that leaks from every piece of your broken heart forevermore. And of the snowflakes that gather on your fingers, after you let go of the one you love. And of being lost in the middle of the deep sea, drowning in the depths of waters whilst being choked, and losing life. It is the color of downfall, and cascade, and of losing something you once held in your hands so dearly. But most clearly, my dear, it is the color that embodies emptiness; hidden beneath each letter of the word empty itself.

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