Original Love

January 22, 2014
From deep within
your true beauty's description
and inside me It causes confliction
you are my one addiction
these mixed feelings cause friction
I said I'd never fall again, but your my only exception

and on the inside
your the only girl on my mind
I'm telling you true loves hard to find
and if I messed up we can rewind
I'll do anything to make you mine
in between lust and love there's a fine line
to prove this I've waited and that's a true sign
this is true love in its original design
if you said I didn't care you'd be lying
cause you cant say I'm not trying
I don't know if you can see, inside I'm dying

to you this isn't a secret but I'm discrete
without you I can never be complete
no matter how much I try, I cant retreat
cause my hearts ready for defeat
its ready to settle down and take a seat
make up your mind before it drops its last beat

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