The Journey

January 21, 2014
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The journey is a scary thing,
Not knowing when or where you’ll end,
You trust yourself and instinct to carry you on through,
But you still worry what will be over the next bend,
Around the next turn,
But the journey carries you on,
You have a set mission,
A set path to follow,
The journey continues on,
You pray every minute nothing will go wrong,
That everything will be alright,
But even you don’t know whether the sun will set on your right,
Or rise on your left bringing renewed hope,
Or everlasting night,
The journey goes on,
You take in what it has to offer while you can,
For you know that it could lose it all in a heartbeat,
Every moment is precious,
Every heartbeat is a blessing,
Never take the journey for granted,
Because you never know when or where it’ll end

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