the high of escaping

January 21, 2014
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Ever since I was a little girl, I loved escaping
There is something dangerously beautiful about it. boarding a train to a place you've never heard off. And thats what i was, dangerously beautiful all day everyday and it was exhilarating. Because the fun part is getting away. who knows or cares where you end up. As you board you smell last nights whiskey on the ticket collectors breath. The crushed velvet Love seats surrounding white marble coffee tables with copper veins and grasping champaign glasses bursting with tiny golden pearls. You lounge on the love seat drinking champaign and pouting your lip stick stained lips, looking like an add torn out of italian vogue. You watch stories flicker across their faces as people board
the train rumbles out of the station the smoke bellowing out behind. as you jolt up in bed. You open your eyes. you realize your alone. There is no train god damn it. you've always been alone and your still trying to escape from everything you never had.

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