Ode to Earth

January 18, 2014
By RowenaDonovan BRONZE, Colorado Springs, Colorado
RowenaDonovan BRONZE, Colorado Springs, Colorado
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I see the world how it was meant to be seen,
In all its beauty and regality,
Now frail and sorrow filled,
Our Mother she weeps,
Till she has wept no more,
Her stewards of Her Earth have failed,
Her Earth’s majesty slowly fades,
Smaller and smaller do the glimmers become,
Mother’s beauty spread far and thin,
No innocence left,
For nowhere has there been no stain of crimson,
I see these glimpses of the splendor,
Of the once great Earth,
Now as our Mother does I weep,
Fearful it is too late,
In this ode to earth I moan,
Moans of agony for Earth’s lost magnificence,
I weep in this ode,
This ode to our dear Earth

The author's comments:
I was inspired by a talk my boyfriend and I had about how humans, as stewards treat our planet and how slowly we are choking the life from it. I hope that people will have a sense of sadness and realize that we are killing our world without really stopping to think or question. This is definitely a kind of Earth day Poem.

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