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Dusty Old Teddy Bear

January 17, 2014
By Meloncholy BRONZE, Arcadia, California
Meloncholy BRONZE, Arcadia, California
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Favorite Quote:
【Everything will be okay at the end,
If it's not okay, it's not the end.】

You bite my ear and slam me to the ground
You rub your tear and drool on my face
Without a word, I know you are upset

Yet, you pick me up and hug me in your arms
Kisses me on the cheek and rub my belly
“Goo nite!”
As if nothing had happened
You turn the nightlight on to bright up my world

You bring home new friends constantly
I know you love them as much as you love me
I no longer is your only companion

You throw me on the ground
As if I no longer belong to your world
“Bad! Bad teddy bear!”
Then as if you forgave me
You pick me up and continue the tea party with the other companions

You try learning to grow up I heard
I don’t know what that means
Apparently you need to save more time for the human your size

You put me at a corner on the bookshelf
Don’t worry I will watch over for you
“I am no longer a little kid anymore!”
You argued with your mother
You grab a book and put it in front of my face

I know I know, you surely had grown a bit
It’s alright I will not be lonely
Look, it’s Mr. Fluffy and your other old companions
We won’t be lonely, and we will watch over for you

The author's comments:
I look over my dolls and toys on my bookshelf, they were always my companions when I was little. But now I've grown too old for them. I no longer feel the love I used to have for them, but I know they still love me and watches over for me.

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