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Drowning in Darkness

January 13, 2014
By Marianna Rogers BRONZE, Arlington, Virginia
Marianna Rogers BRONZE, Arlington, Virginia
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My books were all crumpled, and thrown away

Except one book, which I keep for me to read at night

I sit at my desk thinking about the people I go to school with

How much time, before there’s no one left for me to wait for

I think about my classmates, laughing and joking

Hearing echoes through the walls of their laughter

Imagine the teachers face turning red when he is roaming with anger

The lights are dimming, and the window is wide open

Sometimes I think I am hallucinating that I hear ghosts, whispering on the winter’s day

It’s quite lonely here sitting with nothing to do and no one to talk to

The walls are all painted white with old ragged paint,

without saying a word

After a while, I leave to go to my Mama

Stepping out, I breath in the fresh air around me

Turning this way and that,

I hear children play in the snow making a snowman and throwing snowballs at each other

Their laughter what makes me smile, and I giggle to myself

Walking to the edge of the woods their laughter disappears and instead it replaces with the sound of my boots




I got up the hill, turning around I see the whole city lay out

right before me

I see that my scarf is picking up by wind, and it is carrying it, down below the horizon

All of my papers from my favorite book, are being scattered right before me

I scream, it is the most horrible sound that is come upon me

All of the pages are floating around, like an airplane going to a place far away

when learning to read at age 6, it is my first book that my mother taught me to read

The candle light is low by the window sill, she is barely alive now

walking slowly to the pot of soup, just to pick up a spoon to her mouth

Before going in, I hear a howl coming from my right direction


I run towards my house, but it’s too late the wolf has heard me

and before stepping into the house

the animal grabs me

brings his fangs into my leg and bites

I see blood oozing from the wound just before passing out into the blackness of the pit

my mouth is dry, I can’t scream

No words come out, and before closing my eyes I see someone

or maybe I’m imagining things

my mind is fading

I fall into the blackness night and drift into

the night-less sleep

The author's comments:
I love to read books, and I love to write!

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