In the shadow of dawn

January 17, 2014
In the shadow of dawn
the cerulean sky on winter ice
All whispers of the summer are long gone
He's mere memory, a trice

As transparent as glass
You're my clarity in the opacity
Painted, pretty picture of my love, last
Do not fade fleetingly

Whereas the sun may not always shine
Do not leave me I beg you, please don’t leave
Love so sweet, a pure aged wine
A saccharine taste I can hardly conceive

Hand heavy on parchment
I pen this poem for you candidly
Done falling down that heedless escarpment
Of treacherous ambiguity

And in my mind where the story
has so long stayed
Within it I know that you
are the one for whom I've prayed

And I ask that when you leave me
that you won't depart without "good bye"
For absence may be fleeting
but without you my soul will lie

Dormant like the lake
beneath its icy sheen
Our love will wait to prosper
and only live in

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